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Cake Smash Planning and Prep Information

In order to get the most our of our cake smash session, please read ALL of this information over carefully.  

I am so excited to do this session with you!  They are truly the most fun sessions I do!  


The cake is the second most important part of our set up.  Please invest in your cake!!!  If you would like to keep it on the inexpensive side and simple, Rouses is fabulous with simple smash cakes.  Just be sure to mention it's for a cake smash photography session.  Ask your baker to make the cardboard base they decorate the cake on to be as close to the size of your cake as possible, and a matching color with our theme or matching the cake stand.  (Gold with a silver accented theme doesn't flow and visa versa!)  I have several cake stands on hand to choose from, just ask me!  The cake is not something you want to pick up at the last minute and end up settling for something that doesn't go well with the session theme/colors/decor.  When choosing a cake consider the colors.  Red can look like blood.  Brown/black can look like dirt/poop.  I'd peek at google and search cake smashes to see if anything stands out that may end up bothering you after the fact!  Avoid a cake made completely of fondant.  Fondant is hard and will not "smash" and could also be a choking hazard.  We do not wipe baby's face repeatedly during the session.  If this is something you feel you'd have the urge to do when you see cake on their face, let's discuss no cake options ASAP.  The point of a cake smash, is an adorable cake mess all over baby.

The week before: 

A trial run works in your favor, so do this!  Buy a cheap plastic table cloth and let your little one sit on the floor, give them a cupcake or mini cake from the grocery store and let them go to town. I've found allowing them to do this before the smash makes them a little more comfortable sitting on the ground trying to eat cake here with lights and a camera in their face. 

Morning of our session:

Be sure to take the cake out of the fridge in plenty of time to soften up to room temperature. 

Please give your child snack and not a full meal before the session, we want them to be hungry (but not hangry!) when we smash some cake!


Don't wear your best clothes mama!  You could leave covered in cake. Prepare to work out a little or a lot. If your baby is mobile, you will likely be corralling him/her (repeatedly) and placing them back in the spot where I will be photographing them. You might sweat but it will be so worth it!   

Bring a helper!  Someone baby loves, and who makes baby smile!  Having one person to help corral baby, and one to be silly, is very helpful! 

Bring something your baby LOVES to eat! That means if they love strawberries or mango, broccoli or cucumbers, donuts or chicken nuggets then bring it with you.  Sometimes puffs just won’t do. If baby doesn’t want to eat cake we want them to want to eat something, so PLEASE pack food your child likes that is small and easily picked up and placed behind/in the cake. Pouches and yogurt won’t work, it needs to be something solid. Think of things they like that are hand held and small that we can hide in or around the cake.  Please bring a few favorite toys, just in case we need incentives!  

Don't FORGET to bring:
-Outfit for pre smash portion of the session.
-Outfit for smash portion.
-Any accessories, props, and outfits for the cake smash you may have and want to use.

-Have any banners strung and ready to hang, and any other props put together and ready to go.  We can not want to waste time putting things together that could have been prepped in advance!  

- I will provide booties to cover feet.  No shoes or bare feet will be allowed on the surface of the set where your baby will be eating off the ground at some point! 

-Bring wipes and a towel for clean up!  You will not be able to bathe baby at the studio.  

- Bring extra clothes for yourself if you have plans immediately after our session.   
***If you've booked a Smash and Splash Session with a tub clean up included, please bring bubble bath your baby has previously used! We do not want to encounter an allergy for the first time at our session.

(You can upgrade to add a tub clean up to your session, just make sure to let me know in advance.  The flooring changes with this option, so we can NOT add it after we've begun!) 


Respecting my studio and its contents:

*During the session and clean up time, please keep baby corralled to the backdrop until baby is completely cleaned up.  Only one adult, with socks and bootie covers (that I'll provide), will be helping keep baby corralled.   When this person leaves the set, they'll take the booties off, so cake is not dragged all over my studio.   If you've sat in the cake next to baby, please do not sit on my couch after the session.  Please feel free to have a seat in my white chairs though! 


No siblings are allowed on or near the set at any point during the cake smash.  Please inform helpers of this rule as well. 

Just a little Warning. Sometimes the babies hate the cake, me, and well let’s face it, life. It's tough being one. Oftentimes they love it. It could go either way, so expectations for how long your little one will last during the entire session should be reasonable based on their personality and ability to adapt in new situations. I am well versed on how to overcome objections and make it appear as if they had a wonderful time even if they don't. Either way, it will be adorable! Just trust me.  And don't stress mama!!  Our babies feed off our emotions, so make this fun!  


***If your child wakes up sick with a snotty runny nose that is not clear or allergy related, coughing, fever, or vomiting, (or fever or vomiting w/in 24 hours) please call me ASAP to discuss rescheduling options. Not only will your baby be cranky when away from home while sick, but also, I work with newborns and try to keep illness out of the studio for the safety of my littlest clients. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A SESSION THE DAY AFTER/DAY OF SHOTS! Babies need a little time to recover from shots and can be cranky, feverish and even in pain after. We want your little one to be in the best mood possible for their session, so consider all these things to ensure all the elements are working for us! I absolutely do not mind rescheduling, at no cost, to make sure we have the best possible outcome if you contact me in advance. But I will not reschedule or prolong a session for an unhappy sick baby if you chose to bring them anyway.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Please send me answers to these questions ASAP: 

1. Describe (colors and style) or send photos of baby's outfits.

2. What is the theme of your session?

3. What colors would you like? 

4. Are you bringing any props with to use in our set up? 

5. Are there any specific props of mine you wish to use? 

6. Do you have a specific backdrop color preference?  

7. Describe or send a photo of your cake/inspiration cake.

8. If I'm making a balloon garland for our session, what colors would you like to use?  

9. Send any inspiration photos for our set up.

10. Baby's name and birth date.

11. Session date and time.

12. Please take note of my studio address below.  The day of our session, I may be shooting during your travel time and unable to answer a call/text asking for my address. 

My studio address is: 

19317 N 10th Street Suite A

Covington La, 70433



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