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Homeschool Session Prep Information

In order to get the most out of our session, please read this information over carefully. Studio address is located at the end of this prep information.

You can arrive anytime between 9a.m. and 2p.m.  If you come early please wait patiently until 9 a.m. to come to my door.


Bring clean kiddos!  Trim and clean finger nails. Make sure there are no remains of last meals on faces. And check for sleep in eyes.  Feel free to bring your child's outfit and change at the studio to keep it clean and unwrinkled.  And double check faces before we start.  I will have wipes on hand if you need them. 

Please respect my space by keeping little ones from exploring with their hands in the waiting/prop room and studio.  No children are allowed beyond the studio and waiting room into my home.  No exceptions.  Children who are not being photographed are not permitted to be in the studio room.  

What to bring: 

- Props for the desk if you wish. Example: books, globe, apple, pencils etc.  

-Bringing a favorite snack as incentive for little ones is fine, however, do not bring chocolate or anything colored that will stain their mouths, or drool.

-Brushes. Hair spray. Lip gloss.  Anything for touch ups before our session.  Take care of any touch ups before we start. 

-Favorite items that make little one laugh.  Fav song pulled up on YouTube on your phone. 

-If you have a family member who wants to attend to help get kiddo's attention and smiles, you're more than welcome to bring them along! 

NEW POLICY!  There will be additional editing fees for wrinkles, stains, or anything that is easily preventable with some thoughtful preparation.  IE chipped finger nail polish, hair roots needing touch ups, stamps/marker on body, blue sucker stained teeth and lips, and crusty noses, food on face. **Please note, editing blemishes, minor bobos, bruises and things out of our control are always included in the session fee.  Contact me prior to session if there is a major injury (ie swelling, black eye, or cast).

***SICK POLICY:  If your child wakes up sick with a snotty runny nose that is not clear or allergy related, coughing, fever, or vomiting, (or fever or vomiting w/in 24 hours) please call me ASAP to discuss rescheduling options. Not only will your little one be cranky when away from home while sick, but also, I work with newborns and try to keep illness out of the studio for the safety of my littlest clients. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A SESSION THE DAY AFTER/MORNING OF SHOTS! Children need a little time to recover from shots and can be cranky, feverish and even in pain after. We want your little one to be in the best mood possible for their session, so consider all these things to ensure all the elements are working for us! I absolutely do not mind rescheduling, at no additional cost, to make sure we have the best possible outcome if you contact me in advance. But I will not reschedule for an unhappy sick little one if you chose to bring them anyway.

My address is 103 Saint John Cir Covington La 70433 

My number is 985-264-0108

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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