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White Christmas Prep Information

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In order to get the most our of our session, please read this information over carefully.

Please do not knock or enter the studio until your session time!  I may still be cleaning up and resetting up from the previous session.

My studio address is: 

19317 N 10th Street Suite A

Covington La, 70433




These sessions last about 5-15 minutes depending on baby.  If baby is happy in the cup immediately, they'll go quickly.  If baby needs a little time to warm up to the idea, it will last a little longer. 

What to bring:

-Bring clean socks for all adults helping (not being photographed), as shoes and bare feet are not allowed on the backdrop floor.  (With the exception of those being photographed)

-Bring a Santa hat or another Christmas hat/headband for baby.  I will not be providing use of my headbands for these sessions.

-Bring two towels.  One to wrap baby when they come out of the cup, and one to dry off after a sink bath.  There is no place to bathe baby, just a little sink.  So, you're welcome to use the sink, or just towel dry and head home for a full bath. 

-Bring clean kiddos!  Trim and clean finger nails. Make sure there are no remains of last meals on faces. And check for sleep in eyes.  -Pre Hot Chocolate Outfit.  We can do a pre hot chocolate photo, however, we will not spend a lot of time on this shot.  Feel free to bring your child's outfit and change at the studio to keep it clean and unwrinkled.  And double check faces before we start.  I will have wipes on hand if you need them.  Additional editing fees!  There will be additional editing fees for wrinkles, stains, or anything that is easily preventable with some thoughtful preparation.  IE chipped finger nail polish, stamps/marker on body, blue sucker stained teeth and lips, and crusty noses, food on face. **Please note, editing blemishes, minor bobos, bruises and things out of our control are always included in the session fee.  Contact me prior to session if there is a major injury (ie swelling, black eye, or cast).

Please respect my space by keeping little ones from exploring with their hands.  Props in my studio are not toys. 

Info I need from you:

- Name and age of baby being photographed.

-Towels and Knocking...if you don't know what this means, scroll up and read all the prep info, please. 

-The headpiece you'll be bringing for you baby.

- Your phone number, and session date and time.

-Please take note of my studio address below.  The day of our session, I may be shooting during your travel time and unable to answer a call/text asking for my address. 

***SICK POLICY:  If your child wakes up sick with a snotty runny nose that is not clear or allergy related, coughing, fever, or vomiting, (or fever or vomiting w/in 24 hours) please call me ASAP to discuss rescheduling options. I absolutely do not mind rescheduling, at no additional cost, if you contact me in advance. But I will not reschedule for an unhappy sick little one if you chose to bring them anyway.  Masking symptoms with medicine does not prevent transmission of illness. Bringing a sick child is putting my family and my client families at risk.  Please do not do this.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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