Maternity Prep Information

Choosing the dresses.  We need to decide this with enough time to receive anything being shipped, so it's never too early!

-If you want to use a dress from my client closet, we will make an appointment for you to view and try them on.  Here is a link to most of the dresses I own.  My Maternity Closet

-If you’d like help choosing a dress I’m here! I have vendors I recommend for beautiful dresses as well.

-I do offer a trade in option if you purchase a dress that I feel I will use in future sessions.  This is applied as an additional image credit only.  not as a cash credit. 



-Once your dress(es) have been chosen, you will need to invest in a matching bra and panties for each dress.  Seamless panties and well fitting bras are best.  Your bra needs to be supportive. 

-If we’re using sheer material for semi nude shots, also consider undergarments for these shots.  You may also choose to be nude when using sheer material.  This is your discretion and comfort level. 


Makeup and Skin

-I can not stress enough that if you’re going to get a fake tan, to be sure you invest so it doesn’t look orange, blotchy, or leaves staining on hands.  There is an additional fee to color correct orange skin, or hands that have staining from tanning creams.

-Now is a good time to glam it up when it comes to makeup.  But make sure it’s within your comfort zone. I want you to love your photos and feel your best self, not like “someone else” if you really don’t love makeup.  And again, invest.  You want your foundation to be a true match.

-Make sure your fingernails and toes are neat and clean.  Plan your polish to your dress(es)



-Plan for each look we’ll do.  Bringing options is perfectly fine.  Making decisions during the session is part of the fun! 



-If we’re doing any shots that will have a dress flying, we will need an additional person to accomplish that.  We need to discuss this in advance.  I do have two daughters who are home schooled, so there are days they are available to help.  And they’re expert dress throwers now. =)


Family Portraits

-If you’ve chosen a session package to include your spouse and other children, we will do that portion of the session first, so children have the option to leave after.   If it’s just dad, he will remain throughout unless he’s on a time restraint and needs to leave asap. 

Please take a look at my Grow With me Plan if you're interested in newborn, milestone and first year/cake smash sessions.  You're already one session in to qualify for a discount!

Please send me answers to these questions ASAP: 

1. Do you have dresses in mind?  If so, please share.  Stock photos are fine.

2. Are there any dresses of mine you wish to use?  (see my maternity wardrobe) What is your pre pregnancy dress size?

3. Do you have any inspiration photos you'd like to share (mine or another photographer)?

4. Do you have a specific backdrop(s) preference?  

5. Will partner and/or sibling(s) be attending? (Please list their names, and ages of children)

6. Will you be bringing someone to help assist for dress throwing if we're doing a dress throw shot?

7. Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share or any questions for me?


My studio address is: 

19317 N 10th Street Suite A

Covington La, 70433