Newborn Prep Information

Here is your Newborn Session prep info:


Leading up to the session, moisturize as needed, if baby is flaky.  


If you are bringing any items/props to include in your session please let me know in advance so I can plan a set up for those items.


Please let me know what you plan to wear as a family, if you've booked a Deluxe or Premium Session, so I can choose a backdrop accordingly. My suggestion is always neutrals and build around mom's outfit. No patterns or stripes. Simple dress keeps the focus on faces and family connection.


Morning of our session:

-Giving baby a bath helps stimulate them and give them some good awake time, on top of having a nice clean baby toes and fingers for our close ups!  At the very least give them a sponge bath to clean their eyes, and between fingers and toes. But it’s not necessary to keep them awake otherwise.  Clean flaky skin and moisturize after bath.  


-Dress baby in something that zips or buttons in the front. Do not dress baby in anything we'll have to pull over their heads to remove.  We want to keep baby sleeping if possible.  


-Coming with a hungry baby is fine.  We can start off your session by feeding baby. You’ll have privacy in the studio for nursing. Don’t do anything out of the ordinary as far as baby’s feeding schedule. We will break when he/she is ready. We plan for that time. And a full belly means a sleepy baby, so we allow them to dictate our session flow.  If you're going to be late for any reason, just let me know your ETA. I'm a mom of 4 and I completely understand what it's like trying to get out of the house with a new baby! My new mamas get all the grace on their session day! I want your whole experience to be as relaxing as don't stress getting ready. Just be sure to keep in touch with me.  If I have any strict time restrictions that will limit my flexibility, I will let you you know in advance.

What to bring:

-This is my absolute number one TOP request!!  Please bring a pacifier! Even if you’re not planning on using one, this will help tremendously during the session to keep baby happily sleeping. This can make or break a session.  Babies suck for comfort.  And I promise it will be very brief when it's used.  I only use it to help baby settle into a pose then we gently remove it.  I've never sent a baby home addicted to a pacifier or harmed their latch. You have my word.  

-Bring your lotion! We will be applying to baby as needed to help with flakiness.  I do have Baby Aveeno, and Babyganics on hand that you're welcome to use as well.  

-Change of clothing for yourself if you're doing a Premium or Deluxe Session! We’ll start off with parent/family/sibling shots. If we have baby nude for family shots there is also a chance you could get peed/pooped on. It also gets up to about 80 degrees in the studio once we undress baby and I turn the space heater on, so keep that in mind too and dress for comfort after family shots.

-Snacks. I always have things like fig bars/kind bars and bottled water on hand, but feel free to bring anything else you’d like.  There is privacy in the studio to pump, if you need to! 

-If you're bottle feeding, bring extra formula.  If you're nursing, be prepared to nurse on demand.  Babies may tend to be a little hungrier during our session.  Modeling is hard work, Mama! 

- Nursing moms, please avoid and foods that may cause gassiness 24 hours before our session.  If you need any help with a list of foods to avoid, please let me know and I'll send it to you.  

Dad, or another family member is encouraged to leave with siblings after the family portion. Little ones can get bored fast, so please bring things to entertain your little ones if kiddos must stay. I ask that you respect my space and keep little ones from exploring with their hands in the prop room and studio.  Thank you for understanding.   


Please let me know if you have any questions.


My address is: 

103 Saint John Circle Covington La 70433